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16 Jul

360 Wellness Partnership with Allied Medical Center

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Allied Medical Center on the launch of their innovative new 360 Wellness concept here in Dubai.

For the first time ever in the Emirates, patients will be able to undergo a global assessment of their health status, through a multi-disciplinary approach of physicians, dieticians and fitness specialists, in order to optimize their health, fitness and nutritional well-being.

The aim of this new health project is to address the root-cause of patients’ current physical conditions and supply them with the tools they need to improve it, while guiding on how to maintain a good routine to reach the expected health goals.

The 360° Wellness package offered by Allied Medical Center provides a complete health screening by specialist physicians to assess current health status, risk factors, physical exercise and nutritional needs. The 20-years standing clinic in Dubai has partnered with IGNITE Sport Services and Right Bite Nutrition & Catering Services, to supply patients with tailored, daily prepared ready meals delivered to their doorstep, as well as tailored fitness programmes with personal trainers to bring patients back into shape, all under the guidance of their physicians, with a planned medical follow up after 1 month to check progress and initial results.

The wellness programme is designed to cater to the needs of all the population, and can be tailored to help get back into shape after a hard time at work, a pregnancy,  or for those who feel they need dramatic results to get their health back on track., Allied Medical Center offers a programme to guide patients in their goals, with a synergistic but gentle approach to well-being.

The specialist physicians ensure that dietician and personal trainer are acquainted with the medical details necessary to plan a correct and balanced regime to help patients achieve their goals safely.

Allied Medical Center is renowned as a premier healthcare provider with 20 years of excellence in Dubai, offering one stop solutions for consultations, treatments, diagnostic imaging, procedures and laboratory services.

If you would like to out more please contact Allied Medical Center on 800ALLIED