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11 Nov

Dubai Canal Run with Dubai Media INC

Thank you to all of the Dubai Media Inc team members who joined us for the Dubai Canal Run this morning! It was great to see everyone out and about, getting active and having fun. We are honored to have been able to facilitate the event and IGNITE movement within your organization.

We know that when you’re working on a fitness challenge like this one, it can be hard to find motivation or inspiration. That’s why we like to help people out by showing them how easy it is to get started with something new—and how much fun it can be. We hope that all of you will be able to participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge over the next coming days, and are looking forward to seeing how much progress you’ve made by then.

Now go out there and do your 30 minutes of exercise today—you can even do it right now! Remember: do your #Dubai30x30—every step counts!