31 Jan

Shell Team Building

Celebrating the success of an outstanding team building event for Shell at the picturesque Riva Beach Club on Wednesday, January 31st. The event kicked off at 3:30 PM, setting the stage for an afternoon filled with engaging activities that fostered the spirit of collaboration, camaraderie, and shared achievements. Started with a warm-up to set the mood and diving into the challenge with The Grid, reach new heights with Tower, navigate the fiery twists of Floor is Lava, conquer the strategic Leaky Pipe, and master precision with Rings. It’s an exhilarating lineup of fun and adventure that promises an unforgettable experience.

30 Jan

Siemens Innomotics

IGNITE was thrilled to organize an incredible team building event for Siemens Innomotics at the breathtaking Media Rotana on Tuesday, January 30th. From energizing warm-ups to strategic challenges, our team building event brought success through collaboration, communication, and shared achievements.Everyone embark on a journey of challenges. From navigating the Blind Square to conquering the vastness of Lost at Sea, testing precision with Skittle, showcasing strength with Hammer, and mastering coordination with Sticks and Rings. It’s an unparalleled lineup of thrills and adventures.

24 Jan

Vacheron Constantin Team Building

Vancheron Constantin Team Building Event at Riva Beach Club. We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of Vacheron Constantin Company’s team building activity. Against the stunning backdrop of Riva Beach on the 24th of January. The day begins with an invigorating warm-up, setting the stage for the excitement that follows. Every element of the day is designed to encourage teamwork, communication, and the development of effective strategies. They’ve gone through an epic journey through ‘The Grid,’ navigate the fiery challenge of ‘Floor is Lava,’ conquer the twists of ‘Leaky Pipe,’ test your aim with ‘Sack Throw,’ and master teamwork in the thrilling ‘Pipeline’ challenge. It’s a lineup of excitement and adventure like no other.

17 Jan

Talabat team building

Talabat Boosts Team Building Event at Riva Beach Club. On Wednesday, January 17th, IGNITE hosted an exciting team building day for Talabat employees, the region’s leading online food delivery service, at the beautiful Riva Beach Club. The day featured a series of fun and challenging activities aimed at enhancing team bonds and improving communication within the group. Talabat’s management, thrilled by the event’s success, watched their team tackle and overcome challenges, fostering a renewed sense of camaraderie. Talabat’s team departed with an even stronger dedication to their shared goals. This initiative demonstrates Talabat’s commitment to cultivating a dynamic, engaging, and supportive work environment.

4 Jan

Dubai Holdings

IGNITE was thrilled to organize a dynamic team building event for Dubai Holdings at the stunning Riva Beach Club on Friday, January 4th. The event commenced at 3 pm, marking an afternoon packed with engaging activities designed to strengthen teamwork, strategic thinking, and communication skills. The participants took part in a variety of well-devised tasks, each aiming to foster an essential aspect of collaboration. The day was filled with fun, excitement and a generous dose of team spirit. IGNITE would like to extend our sincere thanks to Dubai Holdings for their enthusiastic participation. We look forward to more such engaging sessions in the future.

19 Dec

ENOC team building

We’re excited to share that a fantastic team building event took place on December 19th, 2023. Organized by IGNITE, the team from Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) gathered at the stunning Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah Hotel for an indoor team-building event. The meticulously planned activities for the day were geared towards fostering better team relationships, enhancing problem-solving skills, and, of course, having some fun. We made sure each activity brought something unique to the table. ‘Moon Landing’ transported the team from ENOC to a hypothetical lunar terrain, setting the stage for the ultimate problem-solving challenge! Next up was ‘The Grid’, a group memory game designed to help the team enhance their attention to detail and recall abilities. Lastly was ‘Pyramid Cups’, an activity built on the foundations of teamwork. These engaging and enjoyable ice-breaker activities created a relaxed space for team building, amplifying camaraderie among ENOC’s professionals. We look forward to

8 Dec


Hisense Employees Come Together for a Team-Building Day at Riva Beach Club On Friday, December 8th, we had the pleasure of hosting a team building event for Hisense employees at the picturesque Riva Beach Club. The day was filled with various exhilarating activities designed to challenge the team members, foster collaboration, and build camaraderie. Everyone eagerly took part, and the competitive spirits rose as participants vied for a place in the top 3 spots. The event culminated with an intense game of Tug-of-War, where employees put their teamwork and sheer determination to the ultimate test. By the end of the day, it was evident that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and walked away with stronger bonds and lasting memories.

6 Dec

Great News: IGNITE’s Standup Paddle Boards Are on the Way!

We are happy to share that we’re working on something special at IGNITE – our very own standup paddle boards! We’ve poured our passion for water sports into crafting these boards. Before they make their way to you, we’re taking some extra time to make sure everything is just perfect. We’re excited about this journey and can’t wait for you to try our IGNITE standup paddle boards. Stay tuned for updates and get ready for some great times on the water together.

5 Dec

IGNITE Water Park

Here’s some splashy news that promises to uplift spirits! We’re thrilled to announce that our Water Park is back and it’s even bigger than before. It carries all the ingredients for a fun-filled day away from screens and gadgets. Kids will be endlessly entertained in this water park, getting their fill of adventure as they navigate through an array of exciting water-based activities. From swishing down inflatable slides to bouncing on the trampoline, crossing exciting bridges, and much more. Clocking in at 60 minutes of immersive engagement, our upgraded water park promises to create priceless memories against the backdrop of the Dubai skyline for only 100dhs. With renewed charm, IGNITE water sports looks forward to welcoming you once more, where every splash tells a story.

24 Oct

IGNITE Pink is Punk, Pink Paddle

We’re overjoyed to announce that Pink Paddle was a resounding success! Your participation and support made this event truly memorable. In total, 117 dedicated individuals took to the Palm, paddling their way to support the Al Jalila Foundation’s invaluable work! We’re honored to be contributing 100% of the proceeds to the foundation’s research and treatment efforts, providing hope to those affected by breast cancer. As the final act of our Pink is Punk event this year, Pink Paddle culminated in a vibrant weekend filled with community spirit and shared support for a meaningful cause. We sincerely hope that you found it as rewarding and enjoyable as we did! Immense thanks to our main sponsor, Medcare Women and Children Hospital. We are also truly grateful to our supporting sponsors: JLW and Spendlove Group, and our venue sponsor: The Riva Beach Club. We’d also like to recognize the following sponsors for their