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20 Oct


On October 20th, Mekar’s employees experienced an afternoon packed full of invigorating team building activities. Hosted at the beautifully serene Riva Beach Club, the employees were engaged in a series of challenging activities designed to fortify bonds and promote a stronger, unified team.

Every activity was designed with the aim of achieving the highest points, promoting a sense of healthy competition among the employees. Each task required a blend of strategic thinking, effective communication, and strong collaboration to succeed, proving to be an exciting and memorable experience for all participants.

However, the goal wasn’t just winning. The true objective of the day was to bring together Mekar’s employees, fostering a strong sense of unity and camaraderie. The day ended on a high note with an awarding ceremony and a sumptuous buffet dinner at Riva, an apt culmination to a day filled with triumph and increased team bonding.