25 Nov

Caterpillar – Finance Team

It’s another team building event for Caterpillar, this time with their Finance Team. It’s a great pleasure meeting the team from different places and helping them gather to IGNITE communication and team spirit. The team bonded over different types of activities and worked hand in hand to accomplish each tasks proving that together, everyone achieves more.

15 Nov

Majid Al Futtaim Sustainability Team – Dragon Boating for DFC

It’s the annual celebration of fitness and wellness. We IGNITED Majid Al Futtaim’s Sustainability Team to keep fit, stay active and take part in the Dragon Boating for Dubai Fitness Challenge. Just like kayaking, dragon boating involves paddling through the water at high speeds. This water sports activity has a variety of benefits from social inclusion, physical fitness, and mental wellbeing. It was an amazing morning facilitating this Dragon Boat activity for the team. The activity gave them a whole-body workout which improves their fitness, endurance, stamina, and coordination.

15 Oct

Jotun HSE Day

We recently hosted a 3-hour team building event for a total of 200 Jotun employees. The event saw teams compete against each other in 10 different activities that required communication, teamwork, and collaboration. Team building encourages team members not only to work harder but to work smarter. It was indeed a fun and exciting day for everyone as we saw team members showcase how to use their individual skills to the group’s advantage. Ultimately, teams found the best ways to co-operate and succeed at each activity. Another big success facilitating this huge team building event for Jotun Paints Arabia.

7 Oct

Caterpillar Managers from Around the Globe

Caterpillar’s Leaders who are based in multiple regions of the world gathered to IGNITE team spirit and collaboration.  The team participated in activities which enabled their problem-solving capabilities, strategizing, and decision-making skills. Everyone was competitive and energetic which made the event a success. It was a fun experience facilitating this event and giving the managers a treat to relax and lighten up a bit.

25 Aug

Mekar Team Building

Team building activities can be a powerful way to develop collaboration and trust, improve motivation, nurture strengths, and address weaknesses. We have recently facilitated a team building event for Mekar enabling their employees to learn from other team members and develop new skills. By dividing employees into teams, we encouraged everyone to communicate and work together to solve problems and come up with ideas to win each game. Indeed, it was another successful event of creating a strong team through forming bonds and connections.

22 Jun

IGNITE Teambuilding, connecting teams.

Where ever your teams are based, keeping the connection is essential. That is why we are thrilled to organize this teambuilding event for Caterpillar’s Leadership Team. Reminding everyone how a successful teambuilding activity creates a more comfortable and efficient workplace environment for any company, large or small. Here’s to more exciting collaboration!

11 May

Take Flite with IGNITE

The future of water sports is finally at IGNITE! Fliteboard is an electric hydrofoil which lets you fly above the water and operated by a remote control in your hand. This watercraft is emission free and environmentally friendly. We have just recently launched this product at IGNITE water sports and the initial community response is overwhelming. Lots of people came to try it including music artists like Arash and Layla Kardan. This water sports activity is challenging and gets your heart rate up, but fun and fulfilling once you get the hang of it. We cannot wait for everyone to experience this surreal sensation of flying over the sea! Every booking comes with a lesson, and we would like to invite everyone to take Flite at IGNITE.

21 Mar

World Down Syndrome Day

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, we hosted families from a community of parents that have children with Down Syndrome at IGNITE water sports for free kayak experiences and a day of fun in the sun! We are always on the lookout for giving back and will now be hosting this at least once a month for people of determination.

25 Feb

Team Building with Slim Stock!

Sneak peak from IGNITE’s Teambuilding for Slimstock tackling fun challenges together by the beach, building literal and figurative bridges to bring the team closer all in a safe environment. Get in touch to book your team in!

26 Jan

Full Moon Series

Over the last couple of months we have introduced our anticipated Full Moon series to bring you the best of both fitness and healing every month during the full moon. Full Moon paddle sessions, Ceremonial Cacao, Crystal bowl sound healing, meditation and of course yoga! There’s something for everyone in this series and it’s beautifully bringing our community together safely for some much needed healing and releasing!